Janice Tai

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Who is Janice Tai?

Janice is an experienced writer and correspondent. Formerly, she covered social affairs in Singapore via a major news company.

Her passion is in storytelling. She enjoys tapping on its power in ways that help to empower people and bring communities together.

Janice also seeks stories that highlight marginalised groups, both locally and abroad. Giving voice to those unable to speak is something that lies close to her heart.

She currently writes for Salt&Light and Stories of Hope, and also does independent writing projects that ignite her interest.


Past stories

Stories of Hope | These stories focus on giving hope to those searching for deeper meaning in their lives.

HCA Hospice Care

YMI stories

Sample writing of Janice Tai

“When the Operation Mobilisation (OM) ship Logos Hope docked next to VivoCity at Harbourfront in 2014, former IT manager Calvin Tan, 41, who worked nearby thought he would just pop in to have a look.

Little did he know then that the casual visit would end up with him spending years with the poor and marginalised community who live along the Thailand-Myanmar border.”


“In 2015, businesswoman Yannie Yong was waiting at her home in Singapore for her husband to pick her up. They were going for a Christmas lunch, and he had texted her to tell her he was on his way. 

One hour later, there was no sign of him, so she set off for the party on her own, assuming he might already be there. He was not.  

Two hours later, her domestic helper called to tell her that policemen were at their home. Her heart sank. The drive home from the Christmas party was the worst journey of her life.”


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