15+ Best Vampire Romance Books Like Twilight & The Vampire Diaries (Paranormal Love)


Pop culture has gone heavy on ‘Vampire Romance’. By this I mean the modern recasting of vampires from the outright monsters of old – such as Dracula and Nosferatu – to relatable immortal creatures who are as attractive as they are dangerous. Books like Twilight & The Vampire Diaries are prime examples of this shift; two paranormal series felt by fans to be among the best vampire romance books released.

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That being said, what are some other romantic vampire books similar to Twilight / The Vampire Diaries? Are there more characters for you to invest in besides Bella / Edward / Jacob and Elena / Stefan / Damon?

The answer is ‘yes’!

Here’s a list of some of my bloodsucking faves! Please note: I’ll only focus on books that make up a wider series – not standalone novels (with one exception!)

There’s a ton of vampire romance books around. So I can’t possibly include everything in a single post. I’ll thus list only the novels I’ve personally read and enjoyed!

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The Best Vampire Romance Books Like Twilight / The Vampire Diaries

The Dark-Hunter series

Best Vampire Romance Books Like Twilight Vampire Diaries 1
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Sherrilyn Kenyon is an extremely prolific writer. She’s churned out a new Dark-Hunter novel (or two) every year since 2002. This doesn’t even include her prior magazine publications devoted to the same paranormal world.

In these books, the Dark-Hunters are immortal fighters created by the goddess Artemis. She uses them to battle the Daimon predators, an army manifested by her brother Apollo. The series features multiple main characters, love interests, and action-packed scenarios.

What Twilight / The Vampire Diaries fans will like:

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Dark-Hunters are in essence vampire-like creatures. There are also other clans, including Were-Hunters (shapeshifters) and Dream-Hunters (sleep gods), among others. These paranormal groups will appeal to Twilight / The Vampire Diaries fans into themes of loyalty and betrayal.

This vampire series does start a little slow. However, give it time and you’ll be amply rewarded with Kenyon’s rich world-building and lore. In addition, there’s a huge character cast to get into with lots of romance and drama. Mind-reading is also a big factor!

In short, the Dark-Hunter series offers some of the best vampire romance books like Twilight / The Vampire Diaries. You’ll be quickly drawn to the various forbidden couples while rooting for them to defeat sworn enemies.

Extra stuff:

Dark-Hunter Manga
Image credit: St. Martin’s Griffin

Dark-Hunter books have also been adapted into a manga series. That’ll bring out the vampire otaku in you for sure!

Sherrilyn Kenyon fans call themselves Menyons. The name’s got a good ring!

Vampire Academy series

Vampire Academy Series Best Paranormal Romance Books
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Written by Richelle Mead, Vampire Academy is hugely loved by legions of die-hard fans.

The plot begins with Lissa – a mortal vampire able to harness the Earth’s magic – and Rose, a Dhampir who’s Lissa’s best friend and protector. They both attend St. Vladamir’s Academy, a secret sanctuary and training school for vampires and other paranormal beings.

This powerful duo soon find themselves fighting for survival as they battle enemies both within and outside St. Vladamir’s walls. And so begins an epic journey they never expected.

What Twilight / The Vampire Diaries fans will like:

Vampire Academy Series Best Vampire Romance Books 2
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Vampire Academy builds upon very relatable characters set to an increasingly exciting plot. The intriguing romances between Rose / Dimitri and Lissa / Christian are also filled with many dramatic twists and turns. Strong female leads are a main draw of these vampire books.

Cynics tend to criticize the quality of some paranormal romance writing. However, in this case, Richelle Mead is a very good author in her own right. Her plot pacing shines the most, which actually gets better with each successive book.

The series is targeted at young adults – but is by no means ‘childish’. Chapters flow with well-written dialogue, engaging romances, and tense action. A great formula for anyone keen on the best vampire romance books like Twilight / The Vampire Diaries!

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Vampire Academy Box Set 1-6
588 Reviews
Vampire Academy Box Set 1-6
  • Vampire Academy Box Set 1 6
  • Mead, Richelle (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Extra Stuff:

Image credit: The Weinstein Company

In my opinion, Vampire Academy books are much better than the movie adaptation. So I suggest you start with the novels first before maybe giving the film a shot.

If you like Vampire Academy, there’s also Mead’s excellent follow-up / spin-off Bloodlines. A real paranormal treat!

The Vampire Wish series

Best Paranormal Romance Books The Vampire Wish 1
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The Vampire Wish plays out like a retelling of both Twilight and Aladdin. Sounds like an odd pairing at first. However, this hybrid narrative is surprisingly effective for the most part!

Annika and her family are attacked by a vicious brood of vampires. They kill her parents and kidnap her, enslaving her within a hidden vampire kingdom known as the Vale.

She must then find a way to escape her prison… while trying her best to resist Jacen – an alluring vampire Annika can’t take her eyes off.

What Twilight / The Vampire Diaries fans will like:

Best Paranormal Romance Books The Vampire Wish 2
Image credit: Dreamscape Publishing

Fans who want the best vampire romance books like Twilight / The Vampire Diaries will enjoy this series’ similarities. For starters, The Vampire Wish features lots of human / vampire love, and even has a tense treaty with wolves. Author Michelle Madow also weaves a lot of her own original ideas into her fantastical plot.

Bella / Elena fans will find Annika likable for being vulnerable and tough at once. She contrasts nicely with Jacen’s personality, which creates intense romantic chemistry.

In addition, I find The Vampire Wish‘s Aladdin influence to be a huge plus. It helps the series tell a seamless vampire tale amid a magical world unlike others.

Extra Stuff:

Best Vampire Books Like Twilight Vampire Diaries Vampire War
Image credit: Dreamscape Publishing

Admittedly, the series’ pacing is at times inconsistent. For example, there are short sections where Madow hurriedly ‘tells rather than shows’ key story arcs. Thankfully, though, these jarring moments are few and far between.

You might also want to give Elementals a try – Madow’s paranormal romance / action series about witches, Greek Gods, and other beings.

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Black Dagger Brotherhood series

The Black Dagger Brotherhood series
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Black Dagger Brotherhood is a very popular series by J. R. Ward. These books center on ancient vampire warriors called The Black Dagger Brotherhood (obviously) who fight against ‘desouled’ humans known as the Lessers.

Loved by countless readers, the series comprises some of the best vampire romance books that are regularly included in many online Favorites lists.

What Twilight / The Vampire Diaries fans will like:

Books like Twilight Vampire Diaries 1
Image credit: Berkley

Black Dagger Brotherhood is mostly targeted at adults due to having some steamier scenes. The deep love between characters will definitely appeal to Twilight / The Vampire Diaries readers. I personally love Beth & Wrath – whom I find to be a really intense and appealing couple.

The vampires in Black Dagger Brotherhood also have unique powers. One of which is their ability to materialize themselves into almost any location. In addition, there are various sub-races, such as Symphaths (mind-control powers) and Shadows (bending shadows to their favor), among others. Overall, the series is packed with fresh ideas for Twilight / The Vampire Diaries fans to sink their teeth into!

Black Dagger Brotherhood features a huge cast of diverse characters. Some you’ll love, others you’ll loathe. This is perfect if you enjoy stepping into different point-of-views!

Dark Lover: The First Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
2,535 Reviews
Dark Lover: The First Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
  • Dark Lover The First Novel of the Black Dagger Brotherhood
  • Ward, J.R. (Author)
  • English (Publication Language)

Extra Stuff:

Best Paranormal Romance Books 2
Image credit: Berkley

Dark Lover, the first book, is quite slow in parts due to some initial world-building. However, I think the series will quickly grow on you the more the plot unfolds.

Overall, Black Dagger Brotherhood is a great start for those keen on vampire romance books that are slightly more mature – yet, still addictive.

Night Huntress series

Best Paranormal Romance Books Dark Huntress 2
Image credit: HarperCollins

I liken Night Huntress a little to Buffy the Vampire Slayer – but edgier.

The plot is about half-vampire Catherine Crawfield. Her mission: to hunt the deviant undead, guided by her desire to also find her father who destroyed her mother’s life.

However, things take an unexpected turn when Cat is captured by Bones, a paranormal bounty hunter who happens to be a vampire himself. The two soon form an unlikely bond as they face off against powerful foes.

What Twilight / The Vampire Diaries fans will like:

Books Like Twilight Vampire Diaries 3
Image credit: HarperCollins

I love the unlikely pairing of Bones – who’s outright lewd and sarcastic – and Cat, who has many sides to her personality. To me, Cat is much more multifaceted than Bella.

Night Huntress isn’t solely about Bones and Cat’s romance. There’s actually a really exciting main plot with lots of fast thrills and spills. Overall, the series presents an even mix of love and suspense.

The supporting cast is also very strong, thriving on the appeal of individual characters. This includes Cat’s traumatized mother, a host of eccentric vampires, and a few obnoxious villains you’ll love to hate. Awesome!

Extra Stuff:

Books like Twilight Vampire Diaries 2
Image credit: HarperCollins

Night Huntress isn’t suited for really young teens. There’s quite a bit of swearing and raunchier scenes. However, these vampire romance books are perfect if you’re keen on exploring more grown-up paranormal fiction.

At Grave’s End – the third Night Huntress book – is my personal favorite for its rapid plot and rich character development. Good stuff!

Fun fact: lots of the books in the series have the word ‘grave’ in their titles.

Sookie Stackhouse series (aka Southern Vampire Mysteries)

Sookie Stackhouse Series 3
Image credits: Ace Books

Charlaine Harris’ Sookie Stackhouse inspired the hit TV series True Blood. In my opinion, these vampire romance books are even better than the show. But it depends on who you ask!

The story follows Sookie Stackhouse (what a name), a small-town cocktail waitress who’s able to read minds. This strange ability makes it hard for her to date, seeing as she’s always able to tell what men are really thinking.

This all changes when Bill, a mysterious stranger, walks into her life. For some reason, she’s unable to ‘hear’ his thoughts at all. Perfect! Except… she soon discovers he’s actually a vampire. Things only go crazier from there.

What Twilight / The Vampire Diaries fans will like:

Sookie Stackhouse Series If You Liked Twilight Vampire Diaries 1
Image credit: Ace Books

Whether you adored or disliked True Blood, Sookie Stackhouse will surprise you in its own distinct way. For starters, the books’ plot varies quite a bit from the TV show. Some feel the novels have deeper character development and vampire lore. In addition, Harris blurs gender and species lines to a far greater extent than what transpires onscreen.

If you love books like Twilight / The Vampire Diaries, you’ll also definitely enjoy the series’ similar mind-reading element. Only this time the power belongs to a human, not vampires. Nice reversal!

There’s also plenty of romance that revolve around more than one main relationship. Variety is the spice of life!

Extra Stuff:

Romantic Vampire Books 1
Image credit: Ace Books

Sookie Stackhouse aims for a slightly older urban fantasy audience than Twilight / The Vampire Diaries. The books are also just as much mystery thrillers as they are about racy vampire love. 

Interestingly, Harris key focus was imagining what it would be like for humans to interact with vampires – more so than writing about the immortal creatures themselves.

Immortals After Dark

Books Like Vampire Diaries Twilight 1
Image credit: Pocket Star

Another hefty series with a big fanbase. Immortals After Dark is set in a rich paranormal world filled with vampires, Lykae, Shifters, Fairies, and more.

Each book usually shifts to a different romantic couple, although prior characters do make occasional cameos. Many – but not all – of the main protagonists are bloodsuckers.

What Twilight / The Vampire Diaries fans will like:

A Hunger Like No Other Vampire Romance Novels
Image credit: Pocket Star

Many paranormal love stories make up Kresley Cole’s long-running series, all told against a backdrop of war, conflict, and drama.

The romances are also very diverse – both in their nature and the types of species involved (not limited to vampires). You’ll likely be drawn to some couples more so than others, for your own reasons.

For myself, with A Hunger Like No Other (Book #2), I didn’t enjoy the relationship between Lachlain and Emmaline. Their love felt emotionally destructive. However, a few of Cole’s later novels are made up of much gentler (but no less dramatic) couples like those in Twilight / The Vampire Diaries. A big plus!

Extra Stuff:

If you liked Twilight Vampire Diaries 2
Image credit: Pocket Star

Many fans have praised Robert Petkoff for his evocative audiobook narration of Immortals After Dark. He’s a talented voice actor respected for his convincing accents and affecting pacing, as heard below.

Other best vampire romance books like Twilight / The Vampire Diaries.

Here are a few other vampire series worth checking out!

Midnight Breed series

Image credit: Dell

Midnight Breed is similar to Black Dagger Brotherhood – although the plots do vary a lot the further you read. These paranormal romance / action books are about a vampire clan known as the Breed, who are sworn to protect their kind against the Rogues.

Give this series a chance and you’ll be rewarded with a slew of interesting characters and romantic relationships. Not to mention some really intense action! Great stuff.

Anita Blake series

Image credit: Berkley

Some people love Anita Blake; others have grown to dislike the books over time. I lie somewhere in the middle.

I think the series starts off really strong with a great premise. Anita Blake is a vampire hunter who is (ironically) asked by the city’s most powerful immortal to investigate a string of brutal slayings.

Here, I recommend you give the first ten Anita Blake books a try. They’re a fun mix of paranormal romance, adventure, and horror. Perfect if you also liked Twilight / The Vampire Diaries!

However, I feel Laurell K. Hamilton made an odd decision to drastically alter Anita’s personality along the way. Don’t get me wrong. I’m all for character development. But Anita’s changes are very extreme. Moreover, the books’ plots get much weaker, replaced by too many love scenes that do little to actually progress the story.

The Vampire Chronicles

Best Vampire Romance Books 1
Image credit: Ballantine Books

This classic series marked the literary transformation of vampires from creatures of pure horror into characters you can empathize with. Anne Rice’s books trace the centuries-long life of Lestat, one of the most iconic – and complex – vampire characters ever created.

To be clear, romance isn’t the driving theme of The Vampire Chronicles (although there are chapters devoted to this). Instead, you’ll find these novels to be an existential narrative about an immortal soul that’s as vainglorious as he is tortured.

Overall, if you loved books like Twilight / The Vampire Diaries and want something a bit more nuanced, The Vampire Chronicles is your best bet.

Bourbon Street series

If you liked Twilight Vampire Diaries 3
Image credit: Brava

Written by Kathy Love, the first book in the Bourbon Street series starts with Maggie – a musicologist – who is drawn to Ren, a house band keyboardist. He plays a very old and obscure composition that, coincidentally, is the same song Maggie is researching. The twist? Ren is the actual composer – that is, before he was turned into a vampire centuries ago.

Each book introduces new characters and exciting romances, set within the same paranormal world. Addictive stuff!

Argeneau Vampires series

A Quick Bite
Image credit: HarperCollins

Lynsay Sands’ Argeneau Vampires features vampires who are turned via advanced nano technology birthed from Atlantis. Far-fetched, yes – but this unusual premise actually works! There’s lots of great character dialogue in each bite-sized book.

Love At Stake series

Love At Stake Vampire Books
Image credit: HarperCollins

In Kerrelyn Sparks’ series, immortals and humans alike are thrown into thrilling – and funny – situations. For example, in the first book, vampire Roman accidentally breaks one of his fangs. He then rushes to fix his chipped pointy before his natural healing makes him a permanently lop-sided bloodsucker. That’s when he meets Shanna, a human dentist, whom he falls for. Oh, and she also happens to be wanted by the mob!

The above is one of many wacky Love At Stake stories that are a fun (but still romantic) alternative to Twilight / The Vampire Diaries books.

More amazing vampire books for Twilight / The Vampire Diaries fans!

Undead / Queen Betsy series

Undead Queen Betsy
Image credit: Berkley

The Dark Carpathian Series

The Dark Carpathians Series
Image credit: HarperCollins

Companions of the Night

Companions of the Night
Image: Magic Carpet Books

I know I said I’d focus only on vampire books that come as a series. However, Companions of the Night is such a great standalone novel I just had to include it! Pick this one up.

Evernight series

Evernight Series
Image credit: HarperTeen

The House of Night series

The House of Night series
Image credit: St. Martin’s Griffin

The Night World series (by L. J. Smith, author of The Vampire Diaries).

Night World series Vampire Diaries
Image credit: Simon Pulse

Also, if you want even more L. J. Smith, don’t forget her other spin-offs!

Did I miss out other best vampire romance books like Twilight / The Vampire Diaries? Drop me an email and I’ll include them in this growing list!